Contra Mundum

Progressive Calvinism

Volume I, 1955 - Essays Against Sanctimony and Legalized Coercion

January (466 k)

Foreword - The Character Of The Progressive Calvinism League - A Description How Most Of Us Feel About The Future Life Compared With The Present Life - A Great And Growing Inferiority Complex Of Calvinists - One Of The Dead And Inert Ideas In Calvinism, Namely "Loving One's Neighbor" - An Address To Talented Students

February (363 k)

Is The Principle Underlying Socialism-Communism High And Moral And Are Only Socialist-Communist Means Immoral, Or Are Both Principle and Means Immoral? - Understanding And Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: A. The Plain Teaching of Scripture Regarding Brotherly Love - Reprint Of An Editorial From The Calvin College Chimes About The First Issue Of Progressive Calvinism

March (491 k)

A Famous Political Philosopher Has Declared That The Trend Of All Human Institutions Is Downward - The Thought That Christianity's Message Has Become Unrealistic In Respect To An Aspect of This Life - Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: B. Analytical Dissection of Scriptural Law of Brotherly Love - "Indian Not Lost, Tepee Lost:"

April (454 k)

Explanation to Readers Regarding Contents of Current Issues - Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: C. Scriptural Corrections of Popular Errors Concerning Law Requiring Brotherly Love

May (438 k)

Understanding and Misunderstanding The Hebrew-Christian Law of Love: D. Arrogance and Sanctimoniousness Associated With Other Definitions of Brotherly Love

June (450 k)

A Word to Readers - Cain: a Murderer, a Liar, and a Lawgiver - New Doubts Among Calvinists Whether Psalm One Belongs in the Canon of Scripture - Feudalism, Individualism, Socialism and Interventionism

July (493 k)

Confusilated and Complexified - Reverend Gerrit Hoeksema on: It Has Not Been Proven from Scripture to be Sin - The Anti-Revolutionary Party; the Founder was Confusilated from the Begining and Now They Seem to Have Made a Volte Face - Professor W. H. Jellema on: That Takes Study - New Magazine, Tot Vrijheid Geroepen (Called Unto Liberty), in the Netherlands

August (459 k)

The Problem of the Real Meaning of Neo-Orthodoxy - Barth versus Brunner, on Communism - "The End Justifies the Means!" - "The Powers That Be Are Ordained of God" - Machiavelli, on Property and Women

September (464 k)

We are In Favor Of Justice For The Laboring Man - A Cause For Continued Amazement - A Great Banker's Thought - A Lament - "We Must Obey God Rather Than Men"

October (449 k)

We Believe It Right That They Threw Daniel Into The Lion's Den - Challenging Prevailing Ideas On Brotherly Love, On Obedience To Goverment, And On Justice - Could Eve Talk? - We Line Up With Sixteenth Century Dutch Calvinists Rather Than Modern Dutch Calvinists - The Quest For Ramparts For Liberty

November (414 k)

An Explanation Of The Selection Of Contents For This Issue - Wherein Tallyrand Was Greater Than Groen Van Prinsterer - Dr. Dirk Jellema On The Idea That Coercion Is Moral - Rev. Norman S. Ream On The Idea That Coercion Is No More Moral And Wise For Industry Than It Would Be In The Church - Mr. Joseph Gritter, Secretary Of The Christian Labor Association On The Idea That It Is Immoral To Stay Out Of A Union, And That Therefore Coercion Of Men Into the CLA Is Moral! - A Union Which Should Be Organized - Our Dutch Bretheren Are Cutting Us Up - What Happened To the Daily Newspaper Abraham Kuyper Founded? - The Origin of Trouw, The Successor To De Standaard - Dr. Bruins Slot On The Authority Of Government

December (448 k)

A Survey Of Our First Year - Praxeology - What We Would Understand By "Conditioning" - Scripture Does Not Stand Alone - Individualism Is Compativle With Glorifying God - Christian Reformed "Intellectuals" - A New Lucubrations - The Bruins Slot Proposition That The United States Has Become Prosperous Through Luck - Did "Luck" Make Holland Prosperous In Its Golden Age? - The Commandment Of God Which The "Luck" Idea Is Intended To Frustrate

Volume II, 1956 - Essays On the Peerless Mosaic Law

Contents, Declarations, Foreword (211 k)

January (500 k)

Why We Feel We Should Begin With "Morality" - "The Spirit Of The Lord Moved Him" - The Alternative Foundations Of Society - A First Look At Present Christian Education - Abraham Kuyper's Unscriptural And Unsound Ideas On Tariff Protection - An Old Farmer Who Was A Better Observer Than Abraham Kuyper (An Article In Defense Of New Hats For Women)

February (445 k)

A Reader's Reaction And Our Reply - How "Liberty" Can Destroy Liberty - A Great Netherlander On Sphere Sovereinty - Happiness, Liberty, Discrimination - The Tyranny Of Brotherly Love

March (462 k)

Religion And Culture - Moses, Greatest Lawgiver Of All Time - Moses, On Adultery, Socrates And Plato, On Promiscuity - A Few Rational Arguments Against Adultery - Socrates And Plato, On Justice - The Merits Of The Scotratic-Platonic Definition Of Justice - The Demerits Of The Socratic-Platonic Definition Of Justice - Moses, On Justice - Religion And Culture, Again

April (482 k)

"He Has . . . Systematically Examined Every Important . . . Problem" - What Are The Problems Of Calvinism? - Faith Alone Versus Faith Propped By Something Else - The Decline Of The Ministry - Doorbraak (The Break-Through) - The State And The Second Table Of The Law - Polygyny In NIgeria - The Interesting Quotatino By Rev. Leonard Verduin - The Heidelberg Catechism's Explanation Of: Thou Shalt Not Kill - The Testimony Of A Labor Leader In Canada Against Coercion

May (430 k)

Academic Freedom At Calvin College - Sex Is Not Sin

June (427 k)

We Confess Belief In The Doctrine OF Total Depravity - Abraham And Money - What Is Money - The Best Way To Cheat About Money - Adam Smith; Calvinism; The Reasoning Of A Powerful Mind; And A Colossal Error - Does God Make Money Reliable By Means Of Buruaucrats Or Cure Scrofula By French Kings? - William Jennings Bryan And Demagoguery About Money - The Present Paper Money Of The United States - The Present Money Of The United States Is Worse Than The Ancient Money of Abraham - How Paper Money Can Violate The Moral Law - How The United States Government Has Violated The Moral Law In Regard To Money - The Suckers--The Victims Of A Dishonest Money System

July (431 k)

Lack Of Intellectual Respectability - One Phase Of Economics—The Relationship Of Men To Things - Work And Sin - Work Is, Or Should Be, Pleasure - The Universal Welfareshortage - A Revival Of An Old Inquiry - Qeestions About Our Fifth Declaration

August (428 k)

Christianity And Communism And Progressive Calvinism - Questions Which Readers Ask - Some Observations On Reading Clubs

September (431 k)

The Idea Or Theme Of This Issue - Max Weber, Sociologist - Tawney's Foreword To Weber's Book - Are Calvinists Properous? - What Is Capitalism? - What Is The Protestant Ethic? A. In Regard To The Antithesis B. In Regard To Calling In Life C. In Regard To The Glory Of God D. In Regard To Loving Neighbor - Evaluation Of Weber's Thesis On Calvinism And Capitalism

October (419 k)

The Charisma From God - The Christian Reformed Church In Perspective - Do They Know The Score? - Purpose OF The Book: God-Centered Living - Clarence Bouma On "The Relevance Of Calvinism For Today" - H. H. Meeter On "Books On Calvinsim And Calvinistic Action" - Henry J. Ryskamp On "Calvinistic Action And Modern Economic Pattersn"

November (427 k)

Ryskamp On "Calvinistic Action And Modern Economic Patterns" (continued) - Five Ideas That Will Stultify Calvinism - The Propher Iddo - Relligion And Two Classes Of Sciences—The Natural Sciences And The Praxeological Sciences - Ethical Ideas Potentially Imbibed By Pre-Seminary Students - The Source Of Authority - Vanden Bosch On "Calvinism And Interanational Relations"

December (425 k)

Progressive Calvinism Is Ratinalistic - Suggestions To Women Who Have Ambitions For Their Men - Ludwig Von Mises: The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality - Economists And Authors Writing About The Economic Structure Of Scociety

Volume III, 1957 - Harmony of Morality and Economics

January (500 k)

Introduction To Volume III Of Progressive Calvinism - Morality And Personal Conduct Versus Morality And The Socio-Economic Order - Is The Economic Order Properly Based On Neighborly Love? - Men Orthodox On One Subject And Unorthodox On Another - The Contempt Of Economists For "Christianity" - Of What Do The Ethics Of The Social Gospel Consist? - An Opportunity That Members Of The Christian Reformed Church Have Bungled - Rev. Peter Van Tuinen And The Ethics Of The Social Gospel

February (414 k)

The World's Most Pernicious Evil - Two Definitions Of Socialism - What Is The Social Gospel? (A Definition From The Viewpoint Of Scripture) - The Kinds Of Income - Julius Rosenwald And The Fifteenth Psalm - Texts In Scripture Against Interest - Interest And Usery - The History Of The Moral Appraisal Of Interest (Or Usury) In Broad Strokes - The Rev. Peter Van Tuinen On Usury - Our Ancestral Church On Interest - The Misuse Of Scripture - John Calvin On Interest - Superficiality Of Calvin's Argument On Interest - Two Books On The Social Gospel - The World's Greatest Economists

March (418 k)

The Ethic Of The Social Gospel - Is The Christian Reformed Church Letting The Ethics Of The Social Gospel Stand Unchallenged? - Rev. Peter Van Tuinen's Requirement That There Be No Usury In His "Kingdom Of God" - Interest At 10% A Month—And Still Not Usury - The Immorality Of Making Declarations On Subjects About Which One Is Uninformed - Einstein On The Importance Of Being Able To State A Problem - Who Has Formulated The Interest Problem Correctly? Moses? Christ? The Medieval Church? Calvin? The Social Gospellers? - Böhm-Bawerk's Candid Statement Of The Interest Problem - The Logic Substantiating That Scripture Is Unqualifiedly In Favor Of Loan Interest In The Economic Order - An Independent Examination Of What Scripture Teaches ON Usury, That Is, On Interest - Future Articles On Interst And Van Tuinen's Kingdom Of God - Coexistence Of Atheism And Christianity - Old-Testament Character Of Old Calvinism And Of Progressive Calvinism

April (489 k)

The Centenary Of The Christian Reformed Church - I. SANCTIMONY: - The Ambulance In The Valley - The Householder Whose Glass Door Was Broken - Religion's Ambulance In The Valley - Classic Irrationality - Refined Seduction Versus Vulgar Seduction - The Significance Of The "Attributes" Of God - Peering Over The Cliff - Stromata - Nygren And Nels Ferre - Synopsis - II. DIALECTICAL BANKRUPTCY: - Lester De Koster's "All Ye That Labor" - The "Issue" Between Communism And Christianity - The Crafty Treasurer On The Witness Stand - De Koster's Comprehensive Summary Of Marxism - De Koster's Evasion Of The Real Issue

May (455 k)

III. THE NEED OF INTELLECTUAL METHOD: - Genius Versus Method - Descartes's "Discourse On Method" - Mathematical Brilliance Versus Method - The Relationship Of Method To Achievement - Lester De Koster On The Relationship OF Sin To The Natural Order - Tornadoes, The Result Of Adam's Fall! - Supralapsarianism And Infralapsarianism - A Reader's Reaction - IV. MESSIANIC INTERVENTIONISM: - "We Have Never Lost A Fight With Joe Louis" - Two Different and Irrconcilable Religions - The Dispute Between A Bosaid Ethic And An Agape Ethic Is Not Basically One of Morality But Of Epistemology (Intellectual Limitations) - The Mosaic System (Including Individualism And Capitalism) Is Not An Anarchic System - Interventionism—Presented As A Messianic Hope For Society - Correction

June (427 k)

Purpose Of This Issue - Request For Information - The Benefits OF Discussion - IV. MESSIANIC INTERVENTIONISM (continued): - A.: Definitions Of Social Philosophies - Prevalence Of Interventionism Among Some Modern Calvinists - B.: - Individualism And Selfishness - Nygren's Two Loves And The Idea Of Selfishness

July (421 k)

Fan Mail; Critical Mail; Doctrinal Mail - A "Sin" Which Is Beneficial - A Businessman's Praise Of Selfishness - Time Magazine On "Wage Incentives", A Remuneraton System Based On Selfishness - Is The Science Of Economics A Science About Sin? - Nietzsche Versus Progressive Calvinism Versus The Social Gospel - How Protext Liberty? By Men? By Law? By Super-Law? - What Gold Is To Money, The Law Of God Is To Liberty - Does Modern Calvinism Approve OF Capitalisml? - The Slaughter OF The Pigs - Lester De Koster On Interventionism - A Smart Little Girl - "Law Preached Before Love"

August (458 k)

Upton Sincliar And His Book, The Jungle - The Story In The Jungle - The Socialist Case Against The Packing Industry - The Inevitability Of Socialism; An Impossibility - The Reliablity Of Sinclair As A Witness - Economics Of Meat Packing Industry - "The Yankee Of The Yards" - Proposed Contents Of Future Issues - A Reader Writes About Selfishness

September (424 k)

Comparing Calvinist And Social Gospel Ethics - Repetition Of Reward Offered - Christian Ethics Versus A "Higher" Doctrine - Freedom Is Not Possible Except Under Laissez-Faire Capitalism - Whay Are People Poor? - What Is The Character Of "Capital", Something Which God Did Not Create? - God Did Not Make The World Good, As Some People Understand "Good" - If You Were Robinson Crusoe, What Would You Choose To Salvage?

October (438 k)

Why Are People Poor? (continued), or Poverty And its Causes - William Of Occam And His Razor - Mises On: "Righteousness As The Ultimate Standard Of The Individual's Actions"

November (438 k)

"Deafness" As A Defective Explanation Why You Cannot Year! - Purpose Of This Issue—Exposing The Sin Of What Is Called "Capitalism" - Progressive Calvinism's Definition Of Capitalism - Modern Calvinism's Ideas In The Field Of Economic Theory; "Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin"! - Theft Masquerading Under The Guise of Efficiency - Origin Of The Immorality Of So-called Capitalism - What Causes Depressions? Calamities? No; Sins? Yes - Bankers As Brokers Of Money Versus Bankers As Creators Of Money - Kinds Of Money - The Mathematics Of What Causes Depressions - The Contribution Of Great Economists To Folly - Why Governments Have Adopted And Approved The Fraud Of The Goldsmiths - How God Punishes Theft - Ludwig Von Mises's Book: Theory And History

December (465 k)

Our Thirty-Sixth Monthly Issue - An Error Of A Kind Which William Of Occam Attacked - Destruction From Within - (Continuation Of Subject Discussed In The November Issue): - A Revolutionary Difference - The Common Disaster And Disillusionment - An Inquiry Addressed To The Reformed Journal - The Federal Reserve System As A System Designed To Permit More Theft - The Harvard University Committee On Economic Research In Regard To Expansion of Fiduciary Media - The Failure Of The "Capitalists" - Socialism's Two Most Effective Charges Agaisnt "Captialislm"

Volume IV, 1958 - Neighborly Love and Ricardo's Law of Association

January (530 k)

Fifty-One Words Of The World's Greatest Code Of Laws - Looking Backward (1955-1957) And Forward (1958) In Progressive Calvinism - Everybody Is Unhappy About Unemployment - Kinds Of Unemployment - Can Employment Be Steady? - An Erroneous Approach To Trying To Elimnate Friction Unemployment

February (465 k)

Purpose Of This Issue, A Study Of A Swindle - An Indian Giver - Outline Of Propositions To Be Explained In What Follows - John Maynard Keynes, First Baron Of Tilton (Prophet Of A New "Morality") - Keynes, On The Virtue Of Extravagance (Or The Evils Resulting From Savings) - Keynes, The World's Champion Indian Giver - It is Silly To Try To Deceive The Wage Earner - Traditional Capitalism's Policy Just The Reverse Of Keynes's - The Economic Policy Of the United States Is Based On Keynes's Ideas - Keynes As A Socialist

March (428 k)

The Plan Which Is Being Followed - Introducing Keynes—A Play In Three Acts - Two Kinds Of Socialists - A Socialist Mayor Who Was Against Certain Union Activities - The Terrible Case Of A Father Maiming His Son Almost To Death - Keynes's Letter To Roosevelt On Spending Our Way To Prosperity - Right Now We Are Preparing To Put Out More Fiduciary Media - Keynes As An "Academic Scribbler" - A Bibliography Of Articles On Keynes - How To Save Yourself From The Penalties Of Two Public Sins, Union Coercion And Government Fiduciary Media - Reserving Money, vs. Hoarding, vs. Investing - The Plight of Capitalism - Business Men Will Not Save Capitalism

April (426 k)

(Carryover articles from March issue) - How To Counter A Depression? Two Ways Neither Really Good - Comples, But Defective, Explanations Of Inflation - Testimony In a Mohammedan Country Against Publidh (Government) Sin - The Dilemma Of All Men Who Reject The True Law Of God - (Articles on Selfishness) - Selfishness, A Term Violating Occam's Famous Rule - The Boy Who Would Play Only Baskerball - The Socialist Attack On Liberty - Confusing Finiteness With The Effects Of Sin - A Wioman Who Is Satisfied Is As Good As Dead - Elementary Selfishness Is Necessary As An Incentive

May (460 k)

(Carryover Articles) - The Possible Course Of The 1958 Recession - John Calvin As A "Rationalist" Of John Calvin Versus John Maynard Keynes - (Futher Articles on Selfishness) - The Case Agaisnt Liberty - The Sense In Which Selfishness Must Be Good - Upgrading The Meaning Of Selfishness - The Demand For Anohter God; Churchman Say That Freedom Plus The Law Of God Is Inadequate To Protect The Weak - The Three Attributes Determing Selfishness - The Correct Way To Look At The Motivation Of Selfishness - Praxeology Is Broader Than Economics - For Finite Man There Are No Absolutes; Everything Is Realtive - The Character Of Our Choices

June (433 k)

The Ethical Commandment In the Decalogue Legislating Freedom - The Theological commandment In The Decaogue Legislating Freedom - People Should Be Classified Not As Capitalists Or Socialists, But As FOR Or AGAINST The Law of God - A Small Investor's Hedge Against Inflation - Definitions Of Egoism, Egotism, Selfishness, Altruism - Altruism Is Based On The Hallucination Of Omniscience Or On Coercion - The Character Of Our Choices (continued from the May issue) (a) The Intellect Precedes The Will, Even In Moral Questions (b) The Tithe Is HIgh Wisdom (c) The Absurdity Of A Just Price Slogan (d) A Just Price Depends On, Thou Shalt Not Kill

July (456 k)

Purpose Of This Issue - The Character Of Our Choices (continuted form the May issue) - David Ricardo, The Man - Ricardo's Law Of Association - What Holds Society Together? (An analylsis of the answer of the Christian Reformed church compared with a simple answer)

August (428 k)

Perspective Of This Issue - The Engine And The Brakes - The More Probable Case - A Reader's Reaction To The Strongman-Feebler Case - Advantages To The Weak And To The Strong From Cooperation Under Various Circumstances: - I. Sterility From Coooperation Among Men Who Were Created Wholly Equal - II. Equally Unequal Men Cannot Cooperate To Advantage Except By Violating The Law Of God - III. Neither God Nor Man Wishes Men To Be Equally Equal Or Even Equally Unequal. The Goal Is Complete Unequal Inequality - IV. Who Gets The Spoils From Cooperation: - 1. Division Of Benefits Under Isolated Exchange Of Services - 2. One-Sided Competition; Four Strong Men And One Weak Man - 3. One-Sided Competition; Four Weak Men And One Strong Man - Competition Between Several Strong Men And Several Weak Men (in a later issue) - What Is Brotherly Love? Charity Only! - Thomas a Kempis's Pessimism On Real Progress

September (466 k)

Overemphasis On Charity And Underemphasis On Cooperation In Modern Ethics - What Does Equally Equal Mean? (Deefinitions) - The Inequality Of Men Is Not Primarily Related To Adam's Fall - The Dilemma Of God: Society Or No Society - God As An Unjust Creator! - The Absurdity Of Being Our Brother's Keeper - Easy Explanations OF Praxeological Problems—The Kangaroo Jump - Some Aspects Of Laws Of Human Action - Karl Marx As A Thinker

October (456 k)

The Reformation Needs To Be Repeated - Ricardo Right And Ricardo Wrong - The Extent Of The Effects Of Adam's Fall - Your Cosmology, Or Your World And Life View - Total Depravity Has A Maning Dependent ON The Cosmoloigical Framework In Which It Is Set - The Problem Of The "Hatred" Of God - A "Lawless" Pre-Fall World - The Comology Underslying The Social Gospel - Is Socialism Poor Economics, But Good Ethics? - What Is Interest? Or The Quandary Of Calvinism In Economics - Potential New Name For This Publication

November (455 k)

Isolation Resulting From Holding The Doctrine Of Obedience To God First - Examples Of Political Issues Which We Shall Analyze From A Scriptural Viewpoint - Specific Tyranny Today In The United States - Three Great Americans And A Fourth Even Greater - John C. Calhoun, The Man - Calhoun's, "A Disqusition on Government" - Quotation From A Disquisition on Government - Calhoun On Slavery, The Question On Which Calhoun Was Wrong - Calhoun On Loyalty, A Question On Which He Is Unjustly Suspected - "The Union! Next To Our Liberties Most Dear" - Michel de Montaigne On Blind Obedience To Government - The New Name For Progressive Calvinism Again

December (468 k)

Orientation - Calhoun As A Statesman - "Not Fit To Associate With Gentlemen" - Calhoun's Awareness Where "Sin" Begins - What Started Calhoun On His Basic Idea? - Should There Be A Right Of Self-Determination? - Lampooing Calvinism—Holmes' "The Deacon's Masterpiece" - Calvinist Predistination And Mohammedan Fatalism - A Self-Imposed Logical Difficulty, A Cul de Sac - final Summary Of Propositions InProgressive Calvinism - The Last Issue Of Progressive Calvinism

Name change:
First Principles In Morality and Economics

Volume V, 1959 - Moral Aspects of Money, Banking and the Business Cycle

January (489 k)

The "Field" Of Morality And Economics - Accumulative Versus Multiplicative Cooperation - Charity Has Never Yet Sustained Society - James Madison Vs. Karl Marx On The Origin Of Property - Government Versus Constitution - The American "Tax-Consuming Interest"

February (430 k)

Ricardo's Law Of Association Operates Simply - Charity, As Psychological And Soical Poison - Skepticism Of Security In Old Age - Is Social Security Not Funded But Founded On Coercion? - Types Of Old Age Security: - I. Old Age Security By Sving In KInd - II. Old Age Security Via Charity - III. Old Age Security By Contact - IV. Old Age Security Via Compulsion - Böhm-Bawerk On Certain Aspects Of Capital - How Evaluate Social Security In The United States? - 100 Percent Social Security (A Spurious Seventh Heaven)

March (444 k)

Which OF These Two Principles Is Christian? - Do We "Need A Vast Expansion Of Social Security"? - Men Want Security And Prosperity; What Is The Real Origin Of Security And Prosperity? - The Only Sense In Which Paper Money Is Social Captial - Böhm-Bawerk's Definition Of Capital - There Are More "Unfounded" Private Pension Plans Than Many Are Aware - The High Evaluation Placed On Social Capital By Communism - Is Social Security "Just" Or "Social"? - The Fallacy In The Accack Of The World Council Of Churches On "Laissez-Faire" Capitalism

April (456 k)

Proposal On How To "Experiment: With Soicalism In The United States - Every Man In Economics Is A Dr. Jekyll And A Mr. Hyde Within Himself - Proposal To Outbid Other Politicians - An Alternative To Denying People The Right To Vote - Marx's Legitimate Critique Of Booms And Depressions - Two Kinds OF Credit—Credit Available By Brokerage And Credit Available By Right To Create Fiat Credit - Examples Of Arguments For Fiat Credit - Knight's Critique Of The Prevailing Protestant Idea About Love

May (474 k)

One Cause Of A Shorage Of Money - Hume: More Money Merely Raises Prices - Laughlin And Mises On An Important Phase Of An Alleged Money Shortage - The Counterfeiter's Sin - An Unconscious Unfairness Of People Who Demand More Fiat Credit - Not All "Trouble" Is Caused By Sin - Two Objections To Fiat Credit - The Canadian Lady As A Lawmaker - Henry Thornton - Ludwig von Mises - Protestanism's Social Gospel As A Substitute Religous Term For Socialism - Decisions Of The National Council Of Churches Are Reported As Unanimous Unless The Negative Vote Was More Than 25% - An Example Of Questions For Which Bureaucrats Spend Tax Money

June (447 k)

Russian Interest in American Unemployment - An Explanation Of Preferance For Security Over Freedom - John Law, The Scottish Laird Of Lauriston - To Adjust To Economic Reality There Are Two Alterantives, The First Immoral And The Second Moral, Namely, (1) Varying The Quantity Of Money, Or (2) Varying The Prices Of Goods - Matters Of Money Need Not Be Idenfified With Mammonism - The Demand For Money, In Economic Science - The Worst—Most Dangerous—Caluse In Any Of The Articles In The Constitution Of The United States - Applying What Calhoun Wrote About Constitutions To The Specific Case Of Money - Tale Of A Coat

July (422 k)

The Relationship Between Freedom, Utilitarianism And The Mosaic Law - Morality And Economics Teach The Same Things; But They Present Them Differently - The Quality Theory Of Money - the Origin Of "Natural Money" - The Origin Of "Fiat Momey" - Intellectual Confusion About The Dollar Being "Safe" - Unsound Money Breeds Socialism - A New Lord God Almighty - No Fiat Money Will Ever Be The Universal Money Unless The World Has Only One Government - Dismay About A Friend Taking To Bible Reading - Joe Doakes At The Gate - The Consequence Of A Market Economy

August (428 k)

A Man Who Taught Taht Business Is Solely For Profit - Is It Maladroit To Say That The Sole Purpose OF Business Is To Earn A Profit - Ludwig von Mises On The Present-Day Significance Of Knowing Something About Economics - Unresonable Requests Addressed To Unoin Leaders That They Be Reasonable - Similar Unreasonable Propositions Addressed To Bankers By Themselves - The Remorse Of Big Bankers In 1908 - The Problems Of Banks: To Be Profitable And Liquid - Commodity Credit Versus Criculation Credit - Peel's Bank Act In 1844 In Great Britain - A Bank Law Fo The United States Patterned After The Famous Peel Bank Act - An Endeavor To Escape The Moral Law - The Quick, Abortive End Of A Sound Eisenhower Credit Policy - Four Things Morally The Same—Circulation Credit, Fictitious Bills, Counterfeit Money, And Theft

September (451 k)

Inflationism Designed To Help The Poor REally Helps The Rich - Two Public Evils In The United States—Bad Laws Governing Unions And Banks - Menger On "The Nature And Origin Of Money" - Roscher, On False Theories Of Money - A Note On Menger And The Other Austrians, As The Best Primary Source of Economic Information - The Profit Problem Of Banks - Six Different Appraoches To The Problem Of Money - "Efficiency" In The Use Of Money—By A Banker, And By His Defalcating Teller - The Conflict Between Efficientcy In The Use Of Money And The Demand For Money - How The Zeal For Efficiency In The Use Of Money Manifests Itself In The Way That The Seasonal Demand For Money Is Taken Care Of - The Currency School Versus The Banking School On The Question of Efficiency In The Use Of Money - Ricardo, On The Value OF Gold And Economizing The Use Of Gold - Mises's Summary Of Smith's And Ricardo's Views On Econoomizing On Money - Hugo Grotius On "Natural Law"

October (410 k)

Why Socialists Do Not Appreciate Constructive Critique Of Capitalism - Morality Depends Substantially On The Existence Of Private Property - "In Forty Days Nineveh Shall Be Ovewrthrown" - "The Church In Germany Is Dead" - "Cheaper By The Dozen" - Why Standards Of living In Europe Are Lower Than In The United States - The Misesian Explanatino Of The Business Cycle - Uncle Frank, A Walking Bank - Economic Definitions Of Various Kinds Of People - Circulation Credit vs. Commodity Credit Again - How Circulation Credit Ruined Frank As A Walking Bank - The Credit Jam In The Great Depression Of 1931-1934 - Are Bankers The Men Who Cause Depressions?

November (442 k)

Banks Probably Do Not Charge Enough For Some Services Which They Perform - The Quantity Theory Of Money Is Easily Understood - Rejection Of The Quantity Theory Of Money - Money, In A Narrower Sense, And In A Broader Sense - How Gold Exports And Imports Tell Which Country Is Putting Out The Greater Quantity Of Circulation Credit - George Winder's, A Short History Of Money - "Love" In Chrsitian Ethics Should Not Be Used To Designate A Sentiment - The Mess In Corinth - The Testimony Of St. Augustine On Miracles

December (445 k)

The Cause Of Depressions - Present-Day Protestantism Has, Without Realizing It, Laid A "Moral" Foundation Under Socialism-Communism

Volume VI, 1960 - Neoclassical Ideas on Goods, Value, Price, Interest and Exploitation

January (514 k)

On Beginning Our Sixth Year - Although There Are Fewer Rich Than Poor, There Are More Creditors Than Debtors - The Full Meaning Of Socialism Is Not Easily Understood - Some Inquiries About The Business Outlook In 1960 - The Good Fortune That Interest Has Two Meanings, One Narrow And the Other Broad - What About That Frequent Statement, "You Cannot Say One Economic Ssytem Is More Christian Than Another"? - A "Mechanism" Through Which The Wrath Of God Operates In Economics - Money Cranks - The False Claims Of Communists - "Rule Of Law" As Customerily Understood Is Inadequate To Protect Society - A Genuinely Liberal School Ssytem

February (437 k)

"Religion And Culture"—And Economics - The Four Most-Influential Living Protestant Theologians - That Inchoate Propositino Of The Pantheists, "Dust Is God" - A View Of The Cosmology Of The Garden Of Eden - Niebuhr, Barth, Tillich And Nygren On Property Rights - Niebuhr's Disillusionment With Socialism, And His New Soution To Sodial Problems - Finding One's Way In The Labyrinth Of Economics

March (485 k)

Economics, As An Ally Of Morality - The Cultural Mandate - Individualism Versus Altruism - Recapitualation Of The Contents Of The February Issue And Introduction To This Issue - The Attack ON Private Property By Those Who Profess The Old-Fashioned Gospel - Unions Which Claim To Be Christian, Differ Between Themselves - Economics, The Science To Make "Selfishness" Efficient - Neither God Nor Man Arbirarily Legislated Ownership Of Property - How The Economic Concept Of A "Good" Is An Einsteinian "Freame Of Reference" For Ethical Problems - An Analylsis To Show Who Gets The "Profit" From New Automation Machines

April (471 k)

The Prayer Of A Minister Economist - Subjects On Which Theologians And Economists Can and Should Get Together - How Economics Separates The Two Questions, Relation Of Men To Things and The Relation Of Men To Men - Things, Goods, Free Goods, Economic Goods - Goods Move Back And Forth From Free Goods To Economic Goods, And From Goods To Things - Cosmological Good, Moral Good, Economic Good - Subjective Value, Objective Value, And Objective Exchange Value - Nature And Origin Of Subjective Value, As Defined By Böhm-Bawerk - Adam Smith's Unhelpful Remarks On Value - Play On The Word, Subjective, In The Term, Subjective Value - An Analysis To Show Who Gets The "Profit" From New Automation Machines (continues)

May (496 k)

The Relationship Between Brotherly Love and Price Determination - Böhm-Bawerk, On The Missing "Middle-Term" - The Paradox Of Value - One Wrong Way To Endeavor To Explain The Cheapness Of Bread And The Dearness Of Diamonds (or, The Inappropriateness Of Generalitires In Economics Versus What Is Specific) - The Concept Of "Diminishing Utility" - The Concept Of Marginal Utility - Böhm-Bawerk's Chapter On "The Magnitude Of Value; The General Principle; The Law Of Marginal Utility" - Selfishness? Relative To Goods Or To Men!

June (440 k)

Objectives In Current Issues - How Complex Marginal Utility Becomes in a Highly Organized Exchange Economy, & in a Freely Producing Society - Pursuit Of Self-Welfare As The Foundation of Ethics And Morality - Why The Unions Are So Insistent On Union-Shop Monopoly And On Strike Power (A Case Where 1,000 Times x Is Not Equal To 1,000x) - Atttacks In Churches On Rich Men - An Analysis To Show Who Gets The "Profit" From New Automation Machines (Third Instalment)

July (449 k)

Choose YOur Own Physical Goals In LIfe From The Only Two Choices Available; and "Formal Hedonism" versus The "Contents of Hedonism" - The Great Man Whose Refrain Was, "Our Costs Are Too High" - An Analysis To Show Who Gets The "Profit" From New Automatino Machines (Final Installment) - The Question Of The Legitimacy Of Five Percent Interest - Theologians And the Interst Rate - The Origin OF interst - Mises On The Gist Of Böhm-Bawerk's Theory About Interest

August (516 k)

Note And Appeal To Readers - The Term, Originary Interest, Is Often Misunderstood - The Dual Attack By Socialists-Communists On (1) Freedom And (2) Capitalism - The Grand Economic Paradox - Charles P______ On Making A Profit On Labor - Smith And Ricardo, Founders Of Classical Economics, As The Originators Of The Fallacy That The Source Of All Value Is Labor - Extracts From Böhm-Bawerk's "Historical Survey Of The Exploitation Theory" - Extracts From Böhm-Bawerk's "Critique OF The Exploitation Theory": - A. General Outline of This Critique - B. Rodbertus: - 1. Detailed Prescription OF Rodbertus's Doctrine - 2. Deficiencies Of Rodbertus's System a. The Erroneous Statement That The Vallue Of Goods Depends On Labor Content b. Böhm-Bawerk's Famous Unrivalled ARgument Agaisnt The Socialist-Communist Wage Claim, Using The $5,500 Engine As An Illustration' Phase (1), The Argument With One Man On The Job, Phase (2), With Five Men On The Job, c. Ricardo's Exception Which Rodbertus Ignored, And Which Destroys The Thesis Of Both Ricardo And Rodbertus - The Error In The Thinking Of Charles P______ - Reprint Of Böhm-Bawerk's Whole Chapter On The Exploitation Theory

September (430 k)

Solomon Versus Marx On The Question Of Value - Overvaluation Of Human Forsight In The Marxian Dictum - How Men Avoid Overpricing Land - Most Important Price In The World - Attempts At Tampering With The Originary Interst Rate - Originary Interest must not be Confused with Gross Interest - A Good Book: "Essays IN European Economic Thought" - Conservatism, Liberalism, Law-Liberty, Colectivism And Philanthropism

October (468k)

It Is Not Difficult: Make Your Descendants Rich - What In Essence Is Meand By "Capitalizing The Income?" - Two Revolutions In Economic Thought - Economic Justice - Many Factors Influence Price, But One Is Chief - Equality Is An Impossible Ideal For Exachange Between Men - Determinatino Of Price In Isolated Excahage - Determination Of Price With One-Sided Competition Among Byers - Determination Of Price With One-Sided Competition Among Sellers - Calvin On The "Multitude Of Counsellors"

November (477 k)

Determination Of Price With Two-Sided Competition - The Market Price Of Freely Reproduced Goods - Repirnt Of Böhm-Bawerk's "Value And Price" - Moses And Christ As Realistic Thinkers

December (430 k)

Announcement Regarding First Principles In Morality And Economics - The Ambiguous And Defective Dictum, "Supply And Demand Determine Price" - Confusing Cause And Effect IN Price Formation - Justice And Injustice In Price Determination Under Four Different Circumstances - Justice—And Mathematical Averages - Labor As A "Commodity" - Potential Injustice" To Employes; The Assumed Case Of Labor—One Buyer (The Employwer) And Many Sellers (The Employes) - Four Kinds Of Coercions, And Their Relation To Justice - How The Market Protects The Individual Trader - Ralation Between Prosperity, Principles Of Morality And Pricing

Social Action, Hundred Nineteen

1 - A Diagnosis (76 k)

2 - The Social Gospel Malady (360 k)

3 - Overtures Toward Reconciliation In Ethics (413 k)

4 - Individualism and Altruism (373 k)

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