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During the American Revolutionary War the Christian clergy, especially the Presbyterians, who stood forth and explained the principles of rule of law and representative government to the people were known as the Black-Robed Regiment. Where are they today? The most prominent people taking a stand for freedom are new-agers or the nutty fringe of Pentecostals. If the orthodox do not take a stand the people will notice and the people will remember. By failing to exercize your leadership you delegitimize your offices and your institutions. By your fruits you and your congregations will be known.

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For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Culture receives its meaning from the meaning of history... Historic Christianity... believes that Christ stands at the center of history.... According to Scripture, Christ is king not only in his natural prerogative as eternal Logos, co-equal with the Father and the Spirit, but he has been anointed Mediatorial king in virtue of his obedience and sacrifice rendered on Calvary... Whereas the first Adam fell into sin and disobedience through the subtlety of Satan, Christ as second Adam fulfilled all righteousness and he finished the work given him by the Father. In his office as Mediator, Christ is the Reconciler of the world, the first principle (arche') and Logos of history, the Key to Culture... The kingdom of our Lord is broader than the church as a visible organization, although the visible church is one of the most important manifestations of that kingdom in this world. But, as a matter of fact, the citizens of the kingdom of God are also members of families, of societies and nations, and as such they must show their allegiance to the King.
—Henry R. Van Til, The Calvinistic Concept of Culture

The Contra Mundum Christianity & Culture pages provides perspectives and resources for the study of culture and the theory of culture based on Christian principles. We present some of the more important writings on this topic from the past century as well as contemporary opinions on current issues.

The presence of material here—especially that of neo-orthodox writers—does not mean that we endorse it, but that we consider it important, and worth taking into consideration. The reader, therefore, should read critically and wisely.

El cristianismo y la cultura

Porque no tenemos lucha contra sangre y carne; sino contra principados, contra potestades, contra señores del mundo, gobernadores de estas tinieblas, contra malicias espirituales en los cielos.

La cultura recibe su significado del significado de la historia.... El Cristianismo histórico...cree que Cristo permanece en el centro de la historia.... Según la Escritura, Cristo es rey no solo en su prerrogativa natural como el Logos eterno, co-igual con el Padre y el Espíritu, sino que ha sido ungido como rey Mediador en virtud de su obediencia y sacrificios rendidos en el Calvario.... Mientras que el primer Adán cayó en pecado y desobediencia por medio de las argucias de Satanás, Cristo como el segundo Adán cumplió toda justicia y finalizó la obra que le había sido dada por el Padre. En su oficio como Mediador, Cristo es el Reconciliador del mundo, el primer principio (arché) y Logos de la historia, la Clave de la Cultura.... El reino de nuestro Señor es más extenso que la iglesia como una organización visible, aunque la iglesia visible es una de las manifestaciones más importantes de ese reino en el mundo. Pero, en realidad, los ciudadanos del reino de Dios son también miembros de familias, de sociedades y naciones, y como tales deben mostrar su alianza al Rey.
—Henry R. Van Til, El Concepto Calvinista de la Cultura

Le christianisme et la culture

Car nous n'avons pas à lutter contre la chair et le sang, mais contre les dominations, contre les autorités, contre les princes de ce monde de ténèbres, contre les esprits méchants dans les lieux célestes.

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