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Sunday 14 August 2022

Greg Hunter has interviewed Lt. Col. Theresa Long, Medical Doctor and Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker, Alabama. What is Dr Long seeing first hand after the CV19 injections? Dr. Long says, “I have seen everything from strokes, to clots in the spleen and liver, cancers, testicular pain, infertility, miscarriages, menstrual irregularity, lung issues, thyroid disfunction, erratic heart rates . . . a lot of things that I don’t see in someone flying an aircraft. . . . You can see myocarditis and pericarditis weeks and months after vaccines.” Dr. Long estimates there are “200,000 to 400,000 military members who are not vaccinated,” and the Pentagon and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin have threatened to kick them all out of the service. Are the military leaders this stupid, this compromised or simply committing treason? American Reformer has published “The Practical Political Benefits of Natural Law” in which “drawing upon the natural law theories of Thomas Aquinas and Richard Hooker,” the author argues “that the state ought to refrain from punishing minor vices.” And yet he wants the state to promote morality in some manner. What he does not tell us is that Hooker was operating on an agenda to combat the Reformed (Puritan, and afterwards Evangelical) idea of church discipline as the means to discipline society morally. Of course for the Reformed, and not for the Evangelicals, the church and its discipline is integrated with the state, and the power to excommunicate was effectively the power to depose from civil office. Hooker’s mission was to defend the upper class’s freedom to sin, and nevertheless continue in good standing in both church and state. The problem, then, is that this article ignores the prior questions. What is the nature of the church? What is the nature of the state? Are they integrated? Hooker’s world had been created by a Roman papal institution that took over from the falling Roman Empire, built a bureaucracy and court system around itself, and then was imitated by kings who developed a concept of state and state institutions as a mirror image of this idea of the church. There followed centuries of conflict over how church and state, so conceived, were to divide authority between themselves. Hooker was participating in the final round of this conflict, and that is what his theory is about. Hooker’s side triumphed with the Restoration of 1680. In the United States, in the nineteenth century, the various evangelical denominations jointly amounted to a moral establishment which was able to stipulate what was the acceptable public morality. But this ended with the vast wave of immoral Roman Catholics immigrants. Not only did they break the Evangelical moral monopoly, they gave breathing room for secularism to develop. This secularism now feels strong enough to begin the suppression of Evangelicalism itself. The Jews of very prominent in this effort. So the practical question, really, is the establishment of Christianity in some manner vs the establishment of its enemies. American Reformer is not yet bold enough to face it is these terms.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

A little lesson on economics and politics. South Dakota is supposed to be conservative. The entire Congressional representation is Republican. Here in the west, we are supposed to a particularly strong example of that. Yet, the local Republican organization is controlled by RINOs. Why is that? Someone just made a video of the event that is going on now, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Every year 500,000 nitwits show up and are separated from their money. Much of the business in the area lives from this. What sort of people are getting this money, and what are their interests? Does a genuinely conservative community live off of pure hedonism?

Monday 8 August 2022

There is a great video by Dave Janda (Operation Freedom) which is so far still on Youtube: The Road to Your and Our Freedom. Greg Hunter is back with another interview, this time with Karen Kingston. “CV19 Vax Nothing Short of Horrific Experiment”. Israel’s Shmuel Shapria, who “served as the Director General of the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) between 2013 and 2021, where he led Israel’s effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine”, has suggested a link between the monkeypox outbreak and the mRNA vaccines. Of course he was censored. Ever wonder why we no longer get Reformed voices speaking out with this prominence, but instead get David French on the Devil’s side, or the Twit network in the PCA? Is it at least partly because churches now belong to franchises (called denominations), and because pastoral training is controlled by academics in graduate schools (called seminaries)? American Reformer’s latest article is “The Danger of a Good Reputation.” They could remove that danger simply by stepping up to cover these issues.

Friday 5 August 2022

This might be important: South Dakota governor Kristi Noem is reported on Youtube saying that criminal cartels are bring in drugs and engaging in human trafficking through the Indian reservations, where state governments don’t have the power to do anything. This information used to be confined to the more far out alternative media sites, such as, but now is going mainstream. Yet another conspiracy theory had become conspiracy fact to the extent that even Youtube lets it run. Yesterday’s primary elections in several states, especially Arizona, are very significant. The Uniparty has bet heavily on getting RINOs elected in places where Democrats are not popular, and it has been easier for them to control primary elections than general elections. Now in some states they are losing this control. The remaining Democrats plus the remaining RINOs, however, may still be enough to control Congress after November.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Here is an interesting investigation of Donald Trump’s COVID guru Deborah Birx. As it typical, she has a long prehistory of dubious activities, connections to Ukraine corruption, and comes from a deep state family. The investigator, who goes by the name of Amazing Polly, had a previous video last week on the new round of physician deaths in Canada. Part of what she gets into is the attempts to create a DNA specific bioweapon to go after particular ethnic groups. This has been the holy grail of bioweapons research since WW II. The controversy is not whether is is being attempted, but whether it works. Some critics have claimed it is not feasible, with some attempts, such as COVID 19 itself, aiming at particular ethnicities, but actually hitting low vitamin D sun avoiding cultures, as well as captive populations keep out of the sun and fed diets designed by nitwit nutritionists (i.e. nursing home residents). Our governor, Kristi Noem, is talking about the food supply problem. But will she do anything? She is good at just talk. Our Congressman, the RINO Dusty Johnson, has also been talking about Bill Gates’s land purchase. I think it is suspicious that these two have adopted that talking point just now. They both were primaried this year, but easily defeated their conservative opponents. South Dakota is a RINO state.

Sunday 31 July 2022

Greg Hunter has a new interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, who publishes The Solari Report. Their 2nd Quarter Wrap Up, features an article by Franklin Sanders, who in the olden days wrote for Contra Mundum. Besides the good stuff, in the interview Hunter and Fitts start to talk about what is says in “Revelations”, which shows you how much they really know about the Bible. In the Don’t Place Your Hope With Republicans department: “President Trump was joined by Marjorie Taylor Greene at his Bedminster golf course in New Jersey on Saturday for the LIV tournament. Caitlyn Jenner also was seen with the president. She was playing with golfer Paul Casey in the tournament.”, from jenner-also-attendance/

Saturday 30 July 2022

E. Michael Jones has a video complaining about the Great Replacement, by which he means the Immigration Act of 1965 and its sponsors. He points out that the sponsors were Jacob Javits and Emanuel Celler, two Jews from New York City. The name that everyone associates with the Act is Teddy Kennedy, the Roman Catholic politician, who besides constantly campaigning for flooding the United States with immigrants who do not hold American values, liked to promote IRA terrorism, etc. For Jones, Kennedy is to be disregarded as someone “just along for the ride.” Rather, “we are talking about a group of people who are always a minority, wherever they go, and because they are a minority you can say it is either fear or loathing but they always have some type of antipathy towards the majority culture, and they are always doing whatever they can to overthrow or undermine the majority culture.” E. Michael Jones is mad at the Jews for reopening the immigration flood, that had been stopped in the early 20th century cutting off the First Great Replacement. The First Great Replacement was the flood of Irish, Italians and Poles, etc. who did not share American Culture and values, and created the great slums and criminal communities that it took many decades to civilize. Jones does not like the Immigration Act of 1965 for the same reason he does not like the Great Society legislation of the 1960s, which broke up the Roman Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. Jones is in favor of Great Replacements as long has it is his type, namely the right type of Roman Catholics (European), flooding into American and subverting culture and politics. E. Michael Jones is interesting and worthwhile to listen to, but at bottom is he is no friend of America. Jordan Sather has another one of his regular videos exposing the fake alt-right and scammers, who seem to greatly outnumber the actual alternative news sources. Here is a good interview with Lynette Zang, even if it is on the channel of the sometimes flaky Dustin Nemos. Here is another sign that things are starting to change: Healthcare Workers Win $10 Million Settlement After Suing Over COVID Vax Mandate. Also: WAYNE ROOT: My List of Studies & Government Data from Around World Showing the Covid Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly, and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History. The article provides links to the studies.

Wednesday 27 July 2022

It’s starting ….. Doctor Announces $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Houston Methodist Following Suspension announces-25-million-defamation-lawsuit-against-houston-methodist-following Tucker Carlson Exposes Big Pharma’s Murderous Antidepressant Scheme: Drugs For Depression Cause Birth Defects, Sexual Dysfunction And Suicide defects-sexual-dysfunction-suicide/ Psychopath Tony Fauci — The Father of Lockdowns — Now Claims “I Didn’t Recommend Locking Anything Down” EU Parliament Member Drops Nuke on Universal COVID Vaccine Campaign – “This is the WORST Crime Ever Committed on Humanity” (VIDEO) humanity-video/ UPDATE: ‘The View’ Apologizes To Turning Point USA Over Defamatory Statements After #SUETHEVIEW Trends Nationwide On Twitter (VIDEO) twitter-video/ BREAKING: President Trump Announces He Will Sue CNN for “Repeated Defamatory Statements” Which Have “Defamed Me and Defrauded the Public Regarding the Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud Throughout the 2020 Election” trump-announces-will-sue-cnn-repeated-defamatory-statements-defamed-defrauded-public-regarding-overwhelming-evidence-fraud-throughout/ Leaked Documents: Israel Was Caught Concealing Children’s Vaccine Injuries concealing-childrens-vaccine-injuries/

Sunday 24 July 2022

American Reformer, recently published a review article of Gary Steward’s book, Justifying Revolution: The American Clergy’s Argument for Political Resistance, 1750-1776. Unfortunately the absurd price of $74 will keep many people from reading it. The author of the review, Thomas Tacoma, emphasizes the malfeasance of big name Evangelical historians on this issue. ‘Steward argues that for at least a generation, American Christians have been misled about the role of the American clergy in the Revolutionary period. Leading historians including George Marsden, Nathan Hatch, Mark Noll, and Gregg Frazer have claimed repeatedly that the ideology adopted by colonial clergymen was secular, not biblical: “It is commonly asserted that the clergy deviated from clear scriptural teaching and their own theological heritage in supporting the patriot cause” (127). … In other words, according to these scholars, the inspiration for the American Revolution was anything but biblical.’ He adds “Steward also argues that Locke’s theories of political resistance to tyranny in his Second Treatise of Government are deeply indebted to the Protestant theological tradition. Instead of interpreting the ideas of the Patriot clergy as a baptized Lockeanism, we ought to understand Locke as a secularized version of the traditional Reformed position.” This I was glad to see, as I once contemplated writing a dissertation on this topic, but realized the futility of getting it past the liberals, particularly the Locke expert, who would have to be on the committee. Finally Tacoma makes this significant point: “Another common error of Christian historians has been to mischaracterize the political thought of John Witherspoon, a leading figure among clergymen who called for independence from British rule in the 1770s. Various evangelical historians, including luminaries such as Mark Noll, George Marsden, Nathan Hatch, Gregg Frazer, John Fea, and Daryl Cornett, have asserted that Witherspoon replaced biblical teaching on submission to authority with Lockean or Enlightenment resistance theories.” But Roger Schultz (“Covenanting in America: The Political Philosophy of John Witherspoon”,The Journal of Christian Reconstruction 12:1 (1988)) pointed out this error decades ago. (See also: A Christian America: John Witherspoon and the Presbyterian Roots of American Independence, and “A Celebration of Infidels: The American Enlightenment in the Revolutionary Era” (in Spanish)) But somehow a correction only counts when Oxford University Press publishes it. Of course, Noll, et. al., were put on notice of their error back then, but would not retract it until the secular establishment publicized it. Their role as “luminaries”, as Tacoma calls them, depends on their subservience to the secular left. Greg Hunter just interviewed Steve Kirsch, in another of his major exposés of COVID policy. “Kirsch explains, “I actually look at the science to see if that backs up what the recommendations are, and every time, I am surprised to find out the actual science doesn’t match what we are being told. This is true for the vaccines, this is true for the masks, and for basically any of the interventions we have been told about.” See also Steve Kirsch’s newsletter.

Wednesday 29 June 2022

Greg Hunter interviewed Dr. David Martin. ‘How many will die from the CV19 bioweapons? Dr. Martin says, “By their own estimate, they are looking for 700 million people globally, and that would put the U.S. participation in that of the injected population as 75 million to 100 million people. . . . There are a lot of reasons why they hope it will be between now and 2028 because there is this tiny little glitch of the illiquidity of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs. So, the fewer recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better. Not surprisingly, the recommendation was people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected.”’ Over at American Reformer, there is an essay by John Ehrett called Is Power Abusive?, in which he takes on the question of the day for Evangelicalism of wokism. He says that the problem first of all is one of definition, as those opposed to wokisim may be alerted from time to time to one or another manifestation of wokism, but are unable to reliably identify the root of wokism or its true adherents. Ehrett himself identifies two narratives. One traces wokism to 1960s radical academics influenced by the Frankfurt School. The other narrative is of a distortion of Christian ideas of justice into a sort of heresy. “The difference between these two narratives can be summarized simply: Is “wokeness” a self-conscious subversion of the Christian tradition, or a conscious extension of it?” The second narrative is easy to account for as it goes back to the old modernism which identified Christianity as essentially an ethical teaching, and that therefore the historical claims of the gospels could be dispensed with. This theology was associated with the Social Gospel. Opposition to modernsm, and was organized and defined especially with the publication of The Fundamentals. Harry Emerison Fosdick replied in his “Shall the Fundamentalists Win?” and was defended in his church trial by John Foster Dulles, in operations financed by John Rockefeller. Thus this well established narrative can easily incorporate wokism. There is, however, a third narrative, which is based on recycled Schaefferism, which has been picked up by fundamentalists and Evangelicals who are not conscious of its origins in Dutch neocalvinism. This narrative blames the problem on Hegel whose dialectical method made meaning, and therefore truth, an evolving product of historical process. The psychology of these people, created by decades of Antichrist hunting, it to trace everything back to one key diabolical source. Ehrett suggests a new test, which is to ask two questions of which the first is: “Is it appropriate to ground authority relations, and theological claims more broadly, in the created order?” My own answer is that clearly one must ground ones theology of social order and norms in the created order, because the Bible itself makes the appeal to the created order, as something so evident that Paul can appeal to the congregation’s knowledge of it. BUT, this same Paul many times speaks of the radical transformation of the created order, sometimes in cosmic terms (see: Michael W. Kelley, “Principalities and Powers”, Christianity & Society XII, 3, p. 6.) and sometimes practically, as in Colossians 2:16-17; Romans 14:5, where we learn that the Sabbath, rooted in the creation order, is now under the dominion of man, who is a new creation in Christ, who is Lord of the Sabbath. This is a Biblical theme going back to Noah, where a new creation and a new covenant with more responsibility for man are linked together. This is also the real problem for theonomy, in the Bahnsen form, which is based on the principle of a presumed continuity across covenants requiring a specific Biblical statement of change for every practical case. This is parallel to Sabatariansim as a Judaising error in the Reformed tradition. The covenantal changes cannot be deduced from the concept of a new creation in Christ, but neither are they enumerated in the New Testament. One has to search exegetically for information on the sort of changes that have been accomplished. These will be disputed by those pushing for wokeness, and that makes Ehrett’s test problematic in practice.

Sunday 19 June 2022

Greg Hunter has an interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. “Let’s look very simply at what happened. They voted on the going direct reset, then they injected five trillion dollars into the economy that went to the insiders, then they used COVID to shut down the part of the economy run by the outsiders or owned by the outsiders; now the insiders have a huge amount of cash, and now that the million small businesses put out business―those owners are trying to get back on their feet and start a new business―they are going to radically raise the cost of capital to the outsiders, and what’s going to happen is that it going to mean that five trillion dollars can buy more assets cheaply. So to me this is simply part of centralizing the control of the economy, and using monetary and fiscal policy to assert very significant central control. … This is not a turndown, this is a takedown.”

Friday 10 June 2022

Gateway Pundit has an interesting story about Ukraine AZOV linked Sergei Dybynyn participating in the January 6 FBI insurrection at the Capitol. There he was photographed with the actor and publicity hound Jacob Anthony Chansley, who is known as the QAnon Viking. (QAnon is a term concocted by the fake news, and is an indicator of an injection of disinformation. He did not dress as a Viking either, but as an Indian shaman wearing a bison costume.) Where it gets interesting is that Gateway Pundit attacks Mary Fanning, who had identified Sergei Dybynyn as a pro-Russian operative. According to one faction Mary Fanning is a CIA front. This faction contains Lin Wood who quotes Kevin Shipp saying that Mary Fanning Kirchhoefer “may have” committed a security breach at the CIA, and to escape prosecution agreed to work for the CIA. Joining in are notorious fake news organs and The Daily Beast, who claim that Mary Fanning associated with Mike Lindell (of My Pillow) in order to deceive him with fake information about election fraud. Kevin Shipp, in turn, is a source for Greg Hunter, and is behind Greg Hunter’s reporting that the story about the data system called The Hammer, is false. Lindell, in turn, features a diverse set of news and commentary sources on his FrankSpeech, including the Alex Jones tied hoax promoter Stew Peters. On the other side, Dr. Dave Janda, Operation Freedom, has featured stories on The Hammer, based on the writing of Mary Fanning, but also on General Tom McInerney and Admiral Ace Lyons. Lin Wood himself seems to be an easily duped character. His pastor is a Dallas Seminary graduate, so whackadoodle religion may be part of his problem. But what is The Hammer? According to a Sharon Rondeau on her site The Post & Email, it is an alleged super-computer. According to Dave Janda’s reporting it is a clone of a government surveillance database, whose purpose is to avoid the access permission and reporting requirements of the principal database. Since the 2020 election a new narrative has emerged that it is the central system for coordinating the changes to the vote totals in Dominion and similar voting machines, that is, an election fraud system rather than a surveillance system. The key sources on The Hammer reporting seem to be Kevin Shipp, formerly CIA, and Mary Fanning, alleged by Shipp to be currently CIA tied. Mainstream fake news is siding with Shipp, and alternative news is split.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

We just had our primary election in South Dakota and the RINOs won everything. People are talking about a big Republican sweep in the Fall election, but if the type of candidate that South Dakota is putting forward is any indication, a Republican win won’t mean anything. Even on the local school board, the commie-libs we threw out last time are back. USAWatchdog has another fine interview, this time with investor Edward Dowd. “Wall Street money manager Edward Dowd has made billions of dollars for companies such as Black Rock picking good businesses with good products. He can also spot a fraud, and Dowd says Pfizer simply made up the research that said it’s CV19 vaccine was safe and effective. According to Dowd, it was neither safe or effective. Dowd says, ‘The data was garbage. As far as I am concerned, they made up the data. It was garbage.’ Dowd thinks the CV19 injections will be the deadliest fraud in history.” I have been reading Peter Iver Kaufman’s Redeeming Politics (1990). The chapter on Calvin’s Geneva makes clear why the Reformed branch of the Reformation was so strongly opposed in countries that had originally been sympathetic to its theology. “By 1551, members of the consistory were making annual house-to-house searches to check for irregularities in behavior and belief.” Because excommunication had such dire consequences, such as economic ruin, the state intervened, insisting on a review of the consistory’s verdicts. If Reformed churches today were to bring back 16th century ecclesiology and discipline, websites such as Lambsreign would be denouncing them as abusers. The problem was: The Reformed, uniquely, wanted a transformation of people’s lives. But they thought that this required and justified an unprecedented level of surveillance and coercion, which they called the discipline. This is still the problem today. If your concept of Christianity entails a transformation of people’s lives, not just enrollment and attendance on ceremonies, how do you make it work? The 19th century tried revivalism based on techniques, and that flopped, with Billy Graham’s thin-gruel version finally giving out in the 1960s. Nothing has replaced it.

Saturday 4 June 2022

There is an interview with Dr. Ryan Cole on “So, we are using a dangerous gene-based product without long term safety studies. A lot of people have received it. We are seeing damage and autoimmune disease. We are seeing death from all causes at increased rates. . . . Scientifically, we are at the beginning . . . . as we go through the complexed mechanisms of what this is doing to the body, I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. My warning to humanity is don’t get another one of these (CV19 vaccines).” “The trend line is going up. We can see that in the data . . . and it is considerable. We are seeing that the people who have gotten the shots are getting Covid at higher rates and other diseases at higher rates. We are seeing all-cause mortality, those who have gotten too many shots, are dying at a much higher rate.”